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Authorities Investigating Possible Hate Crime At Orangevale Temple

ORANGEVALE (CBS13) -- Sacramento Sheriff's Department is investigating a potential hate crime after a series of anti-semitic posters were found pasted to the side of Temple Or Rishon in Orangevale. The Sacramento County Sheriff's office provided extra patrols out at that temple Sunday night as a youth dance took place there. Everyone on edge as police investigate what could be labeled a hate crime.

Hurtful, hateful and plastered on the walls. That's what members of Temple OrRishon walked into this morning. A series of anti-semitic posters, referencing Hitler, the daily stormer, and Charleston church shooter Dylann Roof. The first to see the disturbing images, kids, who came in early to decorate for a dance.

"To be targeted like this and discriminated against it's disheartening, it's sad." said Kimberly Olker, President of Temple OrRishon.

The suspects hit the Orangevale temple in the early morning hours. It's the first time this particular temple has been targeted but police are treating the incident with the utmost seriousness.

The Sacramento Sheriff's Department says they are looking into whether or not the crime will be considered a hate crime, and while understandably shaken Temple leaders say one thing they absolutely won't do is let hate win.

"We join together when this happens though. We all feel the pain together. And we don't stop. We don't stop what we're doing." said Olker.


Temple leaders say they do have surveillance camera's but it's unclear what may have been captured. The FBI has been contacted as well. For the general public, police would like anyone with information to contact the Sacramento County Sheriff's office.



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