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Assistant Manager Of Florida Sporting Goods Store Fired For Stopping Attempted Robbery

Tallahassee, FL (CBS Local)- The assistant manager of Academy Sports in Tallahassee, Florida was fired this week after tackling a suspect who was accused of stealing a handgun.

Dean Crouch told WXTL news in Tallahassee that he was informed on Tuesday that he was fired despite tackling Jason White and stopping him from leaving the store with a handgun from the firearms department on June 29th.

Crouch told the station that he was upset by his firing because he was only trying to prevent the man from hurting anyone.

"I was really dumbfounded honestly, that Academy would do something like this. I worked so hard for Academy, put some blood, sweat, and tears into this place," said Crouch. "I had great staff and for them to come through and fire me over trying to protect the community, it really hurts me personally."

Crouch also told the station that he is considering filing a lawsuit. Academy Sports hasn't released a statement yet.

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