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As Thieves Target Front Doors, Online Companies Turn To Lockers

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – New package lockers could change the way packages are delivered Sacramento. Amazon has about 20 lockers in the Sacramento area, but it's not the only company using them.

"I just grabbed a box from the Amazon Prime Locker," said Michael Daft, outside of the Midtown Safeway. "I've never done before. It's my first time doing it!"

No matter what's inside, package lockers could make the delivery process easier than ever before. There are hundreds of Amazon Lockers across the state and now the bright yellow boxes are popping up in 7-Elevens, Circle Ks and Safeways in Sacramento.

"Rather than get it shipped to home and then suddenly someone sees it sitting on your porch and then suddenly it's gone, I was able to come in here and pick it up and get groceries as well," Daft said.

They're easy to use: you get a barcode, scan it and the locker pops open with your package inside. Sacramento company Luxer One has similar technology in their Luxer One Package Lockers. But their company is focused on putting them in apartment complexes. The process is similar to Amazon's: you order your

The process is similar to Amazon's: you order your package as usual, get a text message when it arrives, type in the access code and the locker pops open with your package inside.

Luxer One Communication Director Melody Akhtari described the lockers a one-stop shop for mail carriers and a convenient solution for apartment and condos with packages piling up every day.

"It makes you feel a little more at ease the same way having your mail inside of a locked mailbox makes you feel a little bit safer," Daft said.

Luxer One is putting their latest locker in the Harbor Oaks Apartment complex in Natomas and they have others in the works all over Sacramento.

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