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April Snowstorm In Sierra Helps Local Businesses Impacted By Dry Winter

NYACK (CBS13) — Chain controls were in effect up the mountain along Interstate 80 on Thursday as snow continued to pile up on the roadways.

Despite the highway danger, this spring snowstorm in the Sierra is a relief for locals who rely on winter storms for business.

However, the weather did slow drivers down.

"Especially if you're hauling 9,000 pounds," said Daniel Kryvenkiy.

He and his family was heading to Nevada but they've got one problem: they've only owned their RV for one week and needed some help to traverse the harsh conditions.

"It's our first-time putting chains on the trailer," Kryvenkiy said.

Luckily, Ken Bowles has been installing chains in the Nyack area—a popular stop along I-80 for chain installation—for years. He was there to help and is grateful for the snow.

"It's been real slow for the last three months," Bowles said of his work installing chains.

He relies on storms for a little extra cash in the colder months.

"It comes in handy for sure," he said.

While Bowles installs chains in the area, Nyack rest stop employee Antonio Orozco sells them. The rest stop has been slinging snow chains since 1946.

"On a day like this, we could sell 100 sets of chains," Orozco said. "Seems like the last three weeks, it's more like winter."

Orozco has worked behind the counter there for 43 years.

"For the most part, it's educating the public on what to do," he said. "The safest thing to remember is distance between vehicles and speed."

Caltrans told CBS13 that the primary cause of accidents is speed. Drivers need to take it slow in order to keep traffic moving freely and avoid any kind of backups.

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