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App may soon connect people across Sacramento area with grocery discounts

App could help save money and stop food waste in Sacramento area
App could help save money and stop food waste in Sacramento area 01:59

SACRAMENTO — A new app aims to connect people with inexpensive food at the grocery store and cut down on waste at the same time.

When it comes to Americans and food waste, the numbers are just "way too much," said Nick Bertram, the CEO of Flashfood.

"In California alone last year, 11 million tons were thrown out," he said. "And then you contrast that with four million Californians who identify as food insecure."

The hope is that the Flashfood app can help connect the two. Grocery stores partner with them and let them know what food is getting close to its best-by date.

"You can click on the store and find items that the store management team has identified as a surplus or best before date, and they're available to you up to half price," Bertram said.

Tamara Pattison is with The Save Mart Companies.

"If you talk to any of our associates in the stores, one of the biggest challenges they have is throwing away food they know people in the community can consume," Pattison said.

They just launched the app at some of their Lucky stores in the Bay Area and will soon be bringing it to Save Marts and Foodmaxx locations in the Sacramento area.

"When Nick and the Flashfood team approached us, they were really interested in doing a small-scale pilot," Pattison said. "And we said 'No way, this is amazing. We want to take it full fleet and do it as quickly as we can.' "

When you look up what's available, you'll actually be able to see pictures of the food.

"It's really hard to plan your life around a surprise," Bertram said. "You need to actually know what the item is and what I love is there are actual pictures taken of the items."

Flashfood is meant to help cut down on waste and hunger at the same time.

"Then get on with your day with a feeling of joy that you've saved money but also diverted food from landfills," Bertram said.

Save Mart corporate is based in Modesto. They say they plan to introduce the app locally as soon as this summer.

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