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'Anonymous' Threatens Sacramento Over Policies Towards The Homeless

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) - The hacking group known as Anonymous posted a video message aimed at Sacramento city leaders Thursday in response to the arrest of homeless people at city hall earlier over the weekend.

In it, a masked figure in a computerized voice criticized the city's actions toward those arrested on January 2, calling it "poor public policy" to prosecute people for something "as innocent as sleeping."

The man goes on to say that confiscating the bedding and tents of the homeless puts them in harm's way.

He calls for the city to enact a two-month moratorium on the "do not rest" policy until an agreement between both parties can be reached. He says the group applauds work the city has done for some of its homeless but says more can be done.

If the city does not honor the group's request, the man says, the group will "bring the formidable talent of Anonymous to your city," but did not reveal details.

City of Sacramento spokesperson Linda Tucker said city leaders are aware of the threat and that "police are monitoring activities."

"We always actively monitor our security systems and will continue to do so to prevent or detect any threats immediately," she said.

At the end of the video, the voice says, "We would prefer to work on solutions. You have our attention, therefore, the attention of the world."

Anonymous appears to have in interest in the plight of the homeless. In Nottingham, England a man begging for money was brought to tears by a crowd of masked Anonymous protesters who stopped to drop money into his hat.

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