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Animal Awareness Truck Offers Dollar To Watch Graphic Video At Second Saturday

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – In Midtown at Sacramento's May Second Saturday Art Walk, it wasn't what you'd call art, but it is graphic.

A truck turned in to a mobile video player out sending a strong message.

"To raise awareness of the treatment of animals on modern farms," said Jeni Haines, Farm Animal Rights Movement.

To raise that awareness, members of the movement were paying cash to anyone willing to watch the slaughterhouse video.

"The $1 is an incentive to get people to watch the video and get informed," said Haines.

Those who could stand to see the four minute feature that came with a disclaimer had strong reactions.

"I never saw footage like that before, and it really did make me think where our food comes from," said one viewer.

They watched images of beaks chopped off and pigs slaughtered.

"I'm thinking those little pigs had it rough man," said another viewer. "They sliced them."

05;23;53 "These are all standard legal practice defended by the industry."

This is all for what the Farm Animal Rights Movement hopes will change minds about what we eat.

This was the third stop as they make their way across the country.

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