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Angry Grandma Confronts Apple Hill Face Painter Over Mask Policy

CAMINO (CBS13) - There was a face-off over face masks at an Apple Hill face-painting booth.

A face-painting vendor at High Hill Ranch has filed a police report alleging assault after recording a confrontation with a woman who became furious over her face-mask policy.

Millie Warren owns "Parties Galore Ca" and recorded the cell phone video at her face-painting booth. The video shows an unidentified woman saying, "you're awful if you want people to wear masks."

"I did tell you I have a mask right here," Warren said.

"For $2," the woman's daughter said.

"That is my private business policy," Warren said.

"You're a b****," the woman said.

"Don't use that language around kids, at all," Warren said.

The video continues to show more of the confrontation.

Warren spoke to CBS13 following the confrontation.

"She towered over me. The reason why I do have that is my dad is a cancer patient, my husband is a cancer survivor," she said. "Again, if you don't agree with it, thank you very much for considering me, have a good day."

Besides the face mask sign at her booth, Warren also has a sign posted about acceptable behavior at her business.

"So it says 'welcome, this space is a safe and fun place for kids and families,'" Warren said.

Warren says the grandma did not want her grandchild to wear a mask and that as the grandmother left, she said she would make sure Warren didn't get any more business.

"I did take that statement as a threat," Warren said.

Warren posted the exchange on social media and that's when the grandma returned fired up turning an Apple Hill outing rotten to the core.

The recorded video ends after the woman grabs the phone from Warren's hand.

"F***** woke f***** people," the woman said.

"Hey, can you watch your language," Warren said. "You are around kids."

Warren says she does not know the identity of this grandmother.

She did file an incident report with the El Dorado County Sheriff and she hopes this video will help identify who this woman is.

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