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Amid Trump's Comments, Elections Officials Keeping Eye Out For Voter Intimidation

SACRAMENTO COUNTY (CBS13) – After accusing the election of being rigged, presidential candidate Donald Trump calls on voters to monitor the polling places.

The Secretary of State says no, it's not legal, and has sent a document to all elections officials outlining how they can prevent voter intimidation.

Dolly Jones turned in her mail-in ballot early and says she's not worried about Election Day drama.

"I think your vote is kind of a sacred right, living here, how dare somebody come and intimate me?" Jones said.

Jones is referring to Donald Trump's statements where he asked supporters to keep a watchful eye over the polls on Election Day.

But that's considered voting intimidation, according to the Secretary of State.

The Sacramento County Elections Office says it's not the first time they've dealt with voter intimidation; they have "No Electioneering" signs posted around their building to make their message clear.

"Observers aren't here to talk to the voters, they are here to just watch," said Alice Jardoe, Assistant Registrar of Voters in Sacramento County. "Observers do have the right to ask poll workers questions, but they cannot interfere with voters."

In other words, observers are not allowed to speak to voters at the polls, but they have to be at least 25-feet away from the entrance of the polling location to speak to people after they vote, and at least 100-feet away before they vote.

"Some people will get passionate and wear campaign materials, but we will ask them to go outside, or remove their hats, pins or whatever," added Jardoe.

Contrary to what Donald Trump is asking his supporters to do on Election Day, using a cell-phone, pager, or two-way radio to document the election inside the polls or within 100-feet of the entrance is illegal for observers to do.

Jones says she's so concerned about observers harassing voters on Election Day, that she wants to step in.

"I just want to go up and ask them why are you standing here? What are you doing? What are you hoping to accomplish?"

Sacramento County has 548 polling places. The Sacramento County Sheriff's Department is aware of all the polling locations and will have deputies respond to any location where voting violators are caught.

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