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Mail Fail: Some Amador County Residents Say They Haven't Gotten Mail In Months

JACKSON (CBS13) — Some Amador County neighbors say they have not gotten mail in months.

People who live along Artesia Court say mail service is spotty at best. When one woman's Christmas cards and packages didn't arrive, she wanted to know who the grinch was.

"I am so frustrated. I don't know what to do," said Cindy Corchero.

Corchero loves Christmas, but this year she isn't feeling festive.

"I pay our bills, taxes, we are good citizens, we vote, we do all that stuff. So just give me my mail," she said.

She says she has had issues with mail service in the past on their block.

"But the last month to two months, it's gotten bad," she said.

So far, she has only gotten one Christmas card.

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"And I like my cards. That's my most favorite thing is cards. It's Christmastime, what about the packages? I am expecting deliveries," she said.

It's been a big bah humbug, so last week she called the post office in town. She says a woman there told her they were short-handed.

"She said 'You're at the end of the line of the delivery and they're only allowed to work 12 hours a day, the carriers, once they hit that 12-hour mark, that's it. So if your mail is not delivered. Oh well,'" said Corchero.

Corchero was speechless because she only lives a mile from the post office. Neighbor Connie Dix has been experiencing the same issue. She blames the turnover. They have had eight mailmen on their street in three years.

"And they never seem happy. They just want to get it over with. You know how it was years ago when you knew your mailman and gave them Christmas cookies? It's not like that anymore," said Dix.

Dix is wondering where her husband's disability checks are. Corchero wants her bills, she also wants those all-important packages. She hopes the US Postal service, like Santa, makes a special delivery in time for Christmas

"I didn't even want to have to do this, but I was irritated. And now frustrated and irritated and I just want my mail," said Corchero.

CBS13 asked the US Postal Service why mail was not getting delivered. A representative said it's under investigation.

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