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Neighbors Outraged Over Alleged Sex Club in Sacramento

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Neighbors in Del Paso Heights aren't happy about an alleged sex club in their neighborhood. But PolyUrban Studios calls itself an "Adult Motivational and Life Skills Center."

"We don't want that type of stuff going on our neighborhood, you know, I think this is the wrong neighborhood to be doing that in!" said Sheryl Walker, who lives nearby.

Just off the corner of Del Paso Blvd and Boxwood Street, the center is in a building wrapped in sheet metal with a sign saying they're open. So CBS13 paid them a visit.

On the walls, we spotted certificates titled "Credentials of Ministry" and a letter from the Universal Life Church.

"The activities that are reportedly taking place there are that of a more of a sexual club, a sex club or a swingers club," said Councilmember Allen Warren.

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We asked the woman at the front desk to clarify.

"I wouldn't want to say anything," the employee told CBS13. "I would want to leave it to the manager and the owner."

On the company's website, it says "It is our goal to help free people from the fear that others have given to them regarding the spiritual blessing of the body in ecstasy." And they say they're "Always looking for like-minded people who are honest, safe who want and enjoy like-minded company."

Warren says he's heard similar complaints over the last few weeks.

"It's not something that I see is going to be permitted in the city of Sacramento," Warren said.

No one entering or leaving the building would answer our reporter's questions.

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Warren says after investigating, it looks like PolyUrban Studios didn't check in with the city.

"Did they apply for any permits at all?" asked CBS13's Macy Jenkins.

"Not that we're aware of," Warren said.

So now he's working closely with police and other activists to push this club out of his district.

"The property owner potentially could be fined as well for leasing to an organization doing illegal activities," he said.

CBS13 never got a call from any managers at Polyurban Studios. But after our second visit, the security asked us to leave the property.

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