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Alaskan Airlines Plane Makes Emergency Landing In Sacramento

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) - An Alaskan Airlines plane bound for Las Vegas made an emergency landing at Sacramento International Airport on Monday.

Alaskan flight 606 from Seattle to Las Vegas diverted to Sacramento after a report of smoke in the back of the cabin.

"The pilot came on and said that there were unidentified fumes in the back of the plane," passenger Beryl McCland told CBS13. "I was a little bit frightened. Everybody started looking around saying, 'Oh my, maybe this is more serious than we thought.'"

Once on the ground, fire trucks and ambulances quickly surrounded the plane.

The plane landed safely at about 4:42 p.m. and all the 152 passengers and crew were OK, although Sacramento Fire Department spokesman said a flight attendant had to be hooked up to an oxygen machine after breathing in some smoke.

The passengers were being rebooked onto later flights Monday night to Las Vegas.

A passenger described the incident as electrical.

"It was not overbearing, but one of the stewardesses complained of burning in her eyes and throat. But nobody else was affected," she said.

Many on the flight say it was the crew that kept everyone from panicking.

"The crew was being very calm and I was watching their eyes and their movements and I thought, 'They don't seem too stressed so I'm just going to stay calm until I see them looking stressed,'" passenger Ellen Burns said.

The plane was still on the tarmac late Monday night and an airlines spokesperson said the cause of the smell hadn't been determined. It's scheduled to fly back to Seattle on Tuesday morning.

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