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Elk Grove Neighborhood Fed Up Over Alleged Airbnb Party House

ELK GROVE (CBS13) - Some Elk Grove homeowners are fed up with a new Airbnb on their street. Residents say strangers are partying all night long, drinking and smoking outside and disrespecting the neighborhood.

They say the problem is that the property is being rented out for a very cheap price and to many people at one time, so they believe guests are treating it as a party house.

The owner says things are being exaggerated.

A lakefront property in Elk Grove's Laguna West neighborhood has become quite popular for its temporary guests.

"They're allowing 16 people to stay there charging $127 a night. It's bringing in the lowest of the low," said Elk Grove homeowner Jeff Womack.

The Airbnb opened its doors to short-term renters just months ago and it quickly became a nuisance for neighbors who complain about noise, drinking and smoking, and parking problems. One resident who didn't want to be identified said there have even been inappropriate parties.

"There were multiple people inside and outside the home having sex all night long," she said.

Jeff Womack worries about so many strangers constantly in the neighborhood.

"I have to live across the street from it and I've got two kids that I have to protect," he said.

Womack says things recently hit a boiling point when police were called because of too much noise. He also says Airbnbs are against the neighborhood's Homeowner's Association rules, which prohibit rental agreements for fewer than 30 days.

CBS13 called the Laguna West HOA, which wouldn't release any information.

The owner of the Airbnb, Boon Poh, who's from the Bay Area, says the rules on the rental site are clear: no parties and no noise after 10 p.m.

"Respect of the neighbors, that's my first concern," he said.

Poh says the accusations are false but he's still planning to shut down the Airbnb to avoid any more issues.

"When the people are not telling the truth, it's heartbreaking for me," he said.

Elk Grove city code does prohibit bed and breakfasts from operating in the city, but code enforcement officials say Airbnbs are not typical bed and breakfasts, so the owner is not in violation.

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