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Agents Arrest Rocklin Cosmetic Surgeon; Raid Home And Business

ROCKLIN (CBS13) – A cosmetic surgeon has been taken into custody and his Rocklin home and business have been raided.

Agents from the Franchise Tax Board and the Drug Enforcement Agency were at the home and office of Dr. Efrain Diego Gonzalez on Friday morning, removing boxes containing what is presumed to be evidence.

Gonzalez was also seen taken from the home in handcuffs.

Gonzalez was a subject of a CBS13 investigation in November 2012, in which patients reported the cosmetic surgeon had done permanent damage to their bodies during cosmetic surgery procedures.

In January, the Medical Board of California and Attorney General's office filed a 94-page complaint for his alleged treatment of 15 patients at Advanced MedSpa in Rocklin.

Records show Gonzalez admitted he allowed someone in his office with no formal training to practice medicine on a patient. As reported in January, the state is now looking to revoke or suspend his license.

Gonzalez lost his medical license in Puerto Rico in 2006 for practicing in the specialty of plastic surgery without being certified as a plastic surgeon, which is required by law there. In California, any licensed doctor could legally perform any medical procedure regardless of their medical training.

"I'm just thankful that I got out alive," said Hope Moon, one of the 15 patients mentioned in the 94-page filing.

Advanced MedSpa's office was also raided and a woman identified as Gonzalez's wife was taken into custody.

Meanwhile patients with appointments were surprised when they were told of the arrest.

"I literally just got my boobs done by him yesterday," said one woman.

"They're both getting what they deserve and they deserve more," said Amy Rose.

Rose is a former patient of Gonzalez. Along with more than a dozen other patients, she has filed complaints against the cosmetic surgeon for allegedly botching her procedure.

"I can't open up my fingers all the way. I still have loss of sensation on this side of my hand," she said.

Rose claims that nerves in her armpit were accidentally damaged by Gonzalez during a breast augmentation she had a year ago and have left her right hand permanently paralyzed.

"If the medical board would have stepped in and done something, I could still have my right hand," Rose said.

She's happy with the arrest but frustrated with authorities, and -- of course -- the doctor.

"What's upsetting is that he has no remorse," Rose said.

The Placer County Tax Collector says Gonzalez's office owes $59,047.30 in back taxes and penalties.

Gonzalez never returned CBS13's calls during our investigation.

He faces charges of mayhem, battery with serious bodily injury, practicing medicine without a certificate and grand theft. His wife also faces several felony charges, including illegally practicing medicine.

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