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Accused Davis Hate Crime Attacker's Bail Raised To $500K

DAVIS (CBS13) - A hate crime suspect is back in jail on more than $500,000 bail, while the man he's accused of beating tries to heal and forgive.

While Mikey Partida didn't have anything negative to say about his accused attacker, Clayton Garzon, the prosecutor did.

"I feel like I'm in prison when I can't move around so well," said Partida.

But as long as his alleged attacker stays behind bars, Partida says he'll at least stop looking over his shoulder.

"I thought it was amazing. I just couldn't believe it because of all the times he's been bailed out," said Partida.

Garzon was led away in handcuffs after a judge raised his bail to $520,000. Yolo County prosecutors call the 19-year-old hate crime suspect a danger to the community.

The teen had been a free man after posting his original $75,000 bail while Partida laid in the hospital with multiple fractures.

"The only reason he's not dead is because we're blessed, and my nephew got lucky. Otherwise, that was the intent," said Frances Swanson, Partida's aunt.

Prosecutors say Partida was left in a pool of blood on his cousin's Davis doorstep, and then Garzon pounded on the door, using homophobic slurs while bragging to Partida's family members about what he'd done.

At the time, Garzon was already out on bail in the stabbing of four people last September.

The Garzon family was silent leaving court in a hurry.

Partida's says he has nothing to say to Garzon, and hopes he never sees his accused attacker again.

"Hopefully he could learn from his mistake, and hopefully nobody else will be in any danger," he said.

If Garzon bails out of jail again, he will be required to wear a GPS tracking device, a scram device and will be required to stay sober. Prosecutors say he was drinking before the attack. He also must not go anywhere near Partida.

Garzon's lawyer say the teen has signed up for a program for alcohol abuse.

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