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Abortion Rights Advocates Board Bus In Sacramento For Statewide Protest

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) - Protesters held their signs in their hands with a single mission on their minds.

Abortion rights activists gathered outside the Capitol ready to board a Planned Parenthood bus in Sacramento and take their message statewide.

"People are angry and they're activated and this is the rally to talk about why we're keeping California strong," said Jodi Hicks, CEO of Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California.

"I cannot believe that this has been allowed to happen. And if I can support all the women and men in this country who believe that everybody deserves the right to choose, I am here to support that," said protester Linda Theodore.

The Planned Parenthood "Powered by Pink" bus tour carries the message "Bans off Our Bodies."

"It's my choice and nobody else's. It's my body, it's my moral decision... period," said protester Linda Newberry.

But they're not just protesting the pending Supreme Court decision to possibly overturn Roe versus Wade, they're also raising awareness about how California will respond to those needing reproductive healthcare.

"They alone can take away our rights unless we stand up and vote. So I hope everybody stands up and votes in June in California and November throughout the country," said Theodore.

Planned Parenthood says roughly 36 million people could be forced to seek reproductive healthcare in other states like California.  Protesters headed out in what they call a moment of crisis that they only learned about when the high court's likely decision was leaked.

"If it hadn't leaked, we'd all been blindsided in June when the decision was made. At least now there's some time to galvanize the public that believes this does not need to be overturned," said protester Diane Martin.

"I'm glad that it happened because look what has happened as the result of that. And that brings strength and support and I'm all for that," said Newberry.

The bus tour will end with an event in Long Beach on May 25.

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