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911 Tape Released Of Woman's Rescue After Days In Sierra

HOPE VALLEY (CBS13) – The 911 call made to emergency dispatchers reporting a woman who had been missing for days in the Sierra had been found alive has been released by officials.

An employee of Sorensen's Resort in Hope Valley made the call when the brother of Paula Lane brought her to the resort after finding her walking through the snow near Highway 88.

Lane's brother Gary and family friend Brian Roff found Paula on a closed lake road near Hope Valley.

Lane and her boyfriend had not been seen since leaving Citrus Heights on Nov. 29. Lane was not found until Dec. 5. The man who called 911 said she was suffering from hypothermia when her rescuers brought her into Sorensen's.

He told the dispatcher they had her wrapped in a blanket by the fire and that she was alert. He also informed the dispatcher that the missing "male had passed away."


Lane was rushed to Carson Tahoe Regional Medical Center in Carson City where she is still recovering.

The day after Lane's rescue, Roff spoke to CBS13 about when they found her crawling through the snow.

"That girl was crawling through it. Tell me that ain't heart. Bless her heart," said Roff. "I jumped out and went down and grabbed her and Gary jumped out and they hugged and kissed."

The Alpine County Sheriff's Office said 44-year-old Roderick Clifton was found dead in an area of heavy snow nearby when searchers on snowmobiles went out to look for him after Lane was rescued.

The couple's Jeep Cherokee became stuck in the snow while driving on Burnside Lake Road near Highways 88 and 89 on Nov. 29. The Alpine County Sheriff's Office said the road had been closed and they drove around a gate to access it.

The couple, dating since summer, hadn't been seen since leaving Citrus Heights on Nov. 29 on the way to Lane's home in Gardnerville. Family and friends last saw the couple at a Citrus Heights 7-Eleven filling up their tank. They were on the road right before a storm hit.

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