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'They Are Absolute Partners': 9 New Teams Graduate From CHP Canine Academy

WEST SACRAMENTO (CBS13) -- They are the top dogs: K9 officers who are now certified and ready to hit the streets to protect our community.

Dalton Frogat put his sable shepherd Apis through his paces.

"Just seeing them work and what they can do is super impressive," said Frogat.

This K9 team is one of nine graduating from the CHP Canine Academy on Friday.

"They are absolute partners - and that dog looks up to the handler as the pro," said Jeff Bosnich.

Bosnich is the canine coordinator for the department. He's also trained two K9s since the program's inception in 1986.

"We're looking for a great temperament; we're looking for an extremely social, strong social police dog," Bosnich said. "A dog that can operate amongst a whole lot of people, not show any aggression, and then go out and do its job."

K9s and their handlers prepare for that through 11 weeks of training.

"First half of the academy is all patrol work, so different scenarios where we will be apprehending suspects and various crimes. And then we switch into odor work. We will hide our four odors, which are marijuana, heroin and meth, and coke," said Frogat.

Teams demonstrated some of the agility training that develops skills and builds trust.

"Me and him are best friends. [He] pretty much only listens to me. My wife gets jealous," Frogat said.

They become part of the officer's family - and part of the department as well.

"It's absolutely amazing to watch," Bosnich said.

A bond that just gets stronger over time.

This graduating class will up the number of K9 units statewide to 53. The officers represent eight geographic regions of Northern Valley, Golden Gate, Central Southern, Border, Coastal and Inland Division.

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