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Bird Watchers Flock To West Sacramento To Catch A Glimpse Of Rare Bird

WEST SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A small bird is drawing big crowds in West Sacramento.

Somehow this rare duck ended up on the wrong continent, and now people are coming from hundreds of miles away to get a glimpse of the garganey.

The garganey was first spotted in this pond last Friday.

And since then, bird watching enthusiasts have been flocking to the Southport neighborhood.

"I stood here for about two hours waited waited, played the waiting game and then finally he came out," says bird watcher Rob Lowry.

Garganey normally fly from the arctic towards Eurasia and Africa.

"I guess it took a wrong turn at the North Pole and came down here," says bird watcher Bart Wickel.

And this is no ugly duckling, the garganey is known for its brightly colored plumage

Bill Frey came from Carson City, Nevada when he heard this duck was taking cover here.

"I'd never seen one anywhere before, so in birding terms this is a life bird for me," says Frey.

Bird enthusiasts say all the rain we've had this winter is creating a perfect habitat for these type of migratory waterfowl.

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