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500 National Guard Troops Deployed To Sacramento Amid George Floyd Protests

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — National Guard troops were deployed to Sacramento Monday, according to the Sacramento County Sheriff.

Sheriff Scott Jones says 500 troops are on their way to Sacramento and some have already arrived. They will be split between the county and the city. According to Jones, the National Guard troops will predominately be used to protect critical infrastructures such as the county jail and utility facilities.

"That will, in turn, free up the resources we have in the facilities," Jones said. "We're hoping that the numbers game will be a little bit more evenly matched but will also hope that the show of force having the National Guard here it will be a deterrent."

This comes after a weekend of demonstrations that were peaceful at times but also got extremely violent. Sheriff Jones says this was a necessary step to try to regain control over the situation.
"We're hoping the numbers game will be more evenly matched. Again, I also hope that the show of force having the National Guard here will be a deterrent for some of the more nefarious activities we've seen over the last couple of nights," Jones said.

Jones said that the National Guard does not use less than lethal weapons. Every gun a national guardsman has is loaded with real ammunition.

After a weekend of protests that at times turned violent Sacramento called for back up. Sheriff Jones is hoping it helps.

"What we've seen over the last couple of nights have really been unprecedented. The level of violence, the level of destruction the people are willing to engage upon. Whether it be looting or fires or vandalism," Jones said.

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Despite the Governor's decision to call in the National Guard, people in Sacramento have mixed feelings about their presence.
"It's not supposed to be like this, we're not supposed to have troops on our own soil," Troy Wallace said."I'm on the side of the protesters, but the agitators infiltrating their movement and destroying it is why we have this here."

Mayor Darrell Steinberg made the announcement of the impending curfew on Monday morning as dozens of businesses cleaned up after looters struck late Sunday. The curfew began at 8 p.m. and last through 5 a.m. until further notice. 

The National Guard was deployed to Sacramento to help distribute food at food banks and protect vulnerable populations in March.

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