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49er Faithful Buy Tickets To NFC Championship Game After Rams First Restrict Purchase Options To LA Area

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — San Francisco 49ers fans are putting their money where their mouth is ahead of the NFC Championship game on Sunday.

Their rival Los Angeles Rams tried to keep them out of SoFi stadium for the game next weekend by restricting ticket sales on Ticketmaster only to the Los Angeles area.

It looks like that seating strategy is backfiring. The dirty play made some die-hard 49ers fans all the more driven to get in.

"49ers fans travel extremely well," Sacramento 49ers season ticket holder Roger Salazar said.

This Sunday, Salazar will be watching his team from the Rams' Sofi Stadium stands.

Salazar was determined to buy seats after learning Ticketmaster would not sell Rams-49ers game tickets to anyone with billing zip codes outside of the Los Angeles area.

"You get this note that says the Rams are trying to block 49er fans from their buying and I said, 'no,'" Salazar said. "It gave me more incentive."

He added, "I was on the fence about whether I wanted to go down there, and that made me absolutely decide I'm going. We're going to turn that field and we're gonna show them what 49er fans are made of."

Salazar went to Stubhub and spent more than a $1,000 on two tickets.

Some 49ers players posted on twitter about the Rams seating rules Wide receiver Deebo Samuel wrote:

"I get that we turned sofi stadium to Levi's but restricting fan from buying tickets is kraxy (sic) to me. I'm just saying."

"The Rams can can try to do anything they can to keep us from coming," Salazar said. "But the more they try to keep us from coming, the more we're coming."

By the end of Monday, Ticketmaster had lifted the restrictions and a search of seats showed there are still many available for resale.

"The Rams and Ticketmaster took off their restrictions that they had on the zip codes and this is exactly why," Salazar said. "They weren't selling."

It's an NFC title fight with the stage set at SoFi Stadium, despite an early effort to keep the 49ers faithful out. True fans like Salazar are now all in.

"You go down to LA and it's home field south," Salazar said.

Whoever wins this game goes to the Super Bowl, which will also be at SoFi Stadium.

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