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49ers, Raiders Fans Share Common Interest: Rock & Roll

The Bay Area's teams have both had success and downfalls as franchises over the years. Despite the Oakland Raiders and San Francisco 49ers being hated rivals for decades, the fans of these teams can agree on one thing: they love the Grateful Dead.

StubHub did a study and found each NFL team fan base's favorite concert to attend. They took the fans who bought both NFL game tickets and concert tickets through their website and analyzed the results to find each market's favorite.

There's not really a surprise the Bay Area loves Bay Area talent. The Grateful Dead was founded in Palo Alto, Calif.  in 1965 and have been a staple in San Francisco Bay Area Rock and Roll since the beginning. They sold out two days at Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara earlier this summer and they have sang the national anthem at Raiders, Giants, A's and 49ers games for years.

Other teams who surprised a bit were the Eagle liking Maroon 5 (seriously, Philly?) and the Miami Dolphins being big fans of Ariana Grande. Kid Rock is liked only in Detroit, which doesn't surprise me. There's a lot of Ed Sheeran, U2 and Taylor Swift as well.

Take a look at the full list here.

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