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4 NBA Stars You Didn't Know Were Vegetarians

1. James Jones: Cavaliers small forward James Jones has been following a vegan/vegetarian diet since 2007.  Jones told ESPN that when on the road, it's not unusual for him to spend $70 on room service for a satisfying vegetarian meal. "Room service is tough. The side dishes are the most overpriced thing on the menu," said Jones.  "I'm ordering five side dishes of steamed broccoli, five dishes of steamed asparagus, and a bowl of brown rice. My bill for that right there might be $70, but that's the trade-off it you want to eat right on the road."


2. Glen "Big Baby" Davis: In the video below, Clippers power forward Glen Davis talks about how he uses a vegan/vegetarian diet to get fit. He also admits to being "a big fan of tofu" (around 1:23).

Glen Davis talks about his broken left foot by MaryStevensInsider on YouTube


3. Amar'e Stoudemire: According to Stoudemire's website, the Mavericks power forward only eats vegetarian during the NBA season. While his teammates scarf down plates of sausage and pasta after games, Stoudemire enjoys meals of spinach and broccoli. The foods he thanks for his longevity includes a mixture of asparagus, Brussels sprouts and salad. Believe it or not, but Stoudemire also has a cookbook titled "Cooking With Amar'e." Find out more about it in the video below!

Cooking with Amar'e by Dey Street Books on YouTube


4.  John Salley: Although this former all-star NBA player is now retired, he believes a big contributor to his success as an NBA player was his strict vegan diet. He became motivated to change his diet after finding out about his deadly cholesterol level from a doctor. That moment turned his life around, and Salley decided to cut the cholesterol when he signed with the Miami Heat (1992-95) at 27 years old. Ever since, he has been spreading knowledge about health, wellness and the benefits of plant-based diets. Watch the video below to learn more about Salley's path to a more healthy lifestyle!

NBA Star John Salley on Nutrition and Eating a Plant-Based Diet (Excerpt) by Food Heals on YouTube

- Janice Daniels KHTK/Sacramento

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