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3 Years After His Death, How Much Is My Thomas Kinkade Painting Worth?

FOLSOM (CBS13) — He was known as The Painter of Light, and some of our viewers have wondered how the value of Thomas Kinkade's paintings have changed since his death.

Local artist Kinkade died three years ago at the age of 54. It's been said that one out of every 20 homes in America has his work on a wall.

From streams and cottages to well-known landmarks like Yosemite, his work is as recognizable as the light and color on the canvas that seems to change the painting at every glance.

Many will hold onto their Kinkade painting forever, while some will and have sold their works of art.

American Visions Gallery on Sutter Street in old Folsom is one of the few local galleries certified ot buy, sell and assess Thomas Kinkade paintings.

One painting in particular, The Garden Of Prayer, could be going for anywhere from $3,200 to $5,100. That's because it's so rare, the gallery doesn't even carry it.

The value of the piece depends on whether the painting is signed and numbered. The open edition works—those without numbers or signatures, that don't come with certificate of authenticity—aren't going to see an increase since those works are still being made today.

But the signed and numbered limited editions have gone up anywhere from $300 to $1,000 since the artist's death, and they'll likely continue to increase in value.

The art gallery in Folsom is having an event later this month. Don't bring the entire painting, just the certificate.

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