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3 People Allegedly Kidnap, Beat Teen Who Texted Young Relative Racy Messages

CARMICHAEL (CBS13) - Three members of the same family are accused of brutally beating a 17-year-old because he was exchanging racy text messages with their 13-year-old relative.

Police say the suspects caught the teen after posting as the girl and setting up a meeting.

Investigators say it all started with a text to the girl -- something family members saw and didn't like.

"It's usually quiet like this," said a neighbor.

Neighbors say they can't believe the charges.

"They seem pretty normal to me," said Bunny McClain, a neighbor.

Investigators say what happened at the home on Cottage Way in Carmichael Sunday night was not normal, but devious.

"I was in my bed. It was really loud. It was like three cop cars, I swear," said a teen who lives nearby.

Officers say family members of a 13-year-old girl learned a 17-year-old boy was sending racy text messages to her. That's when Hugo Tejera Fraga, Anthony Rositani and another teen pretended to be the girl and invited him over.

When he showed up, the suspect was chased by the three suspects through the neighborhood, say deputies. The teen called 911 as he ran for his life.

"The dispatcher couldn't hear what he was saying because he was whispering," said Sacramento County Sheriff's Sgt. Lisa Bowman.

But it was too late.

"They caught up with him. They assaulted him. They beat him and they threw him their vehicle," said Bowman.

Investigators call it a ride of terror.

"He claimed that they had choked him to the point that he was vomiting," said Bowman.

Deputies say a neighbor saw him being snatched off the streets and called the cops.

"He just jammed down the street and i mean really fast," said a neighbor.

Some neighbors who didn't want to be on camera say they watched the suspects being arrested and saw the victim being rushed to the hospital.

They're shocked it began with a text.

"If you found a text message or something like that then call the police," said a resident.

One of the three suspects is being held on bail of $1 million.

The victim's identity was not released because of his age.

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