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2 Suspected Pipe Bombs Found In Dumpster

CERES (CBS13) - Explosions in a neighborhood had police on edge after possible pipe bombs were found in Ceres.

The fire department and the bomb squad were called in to investigate.

It started when a maintenance worker showed up to do some work and saw explosions and a big fire coming from a dumpster.

When fire crews arrived, they immediately called the bomb squad out when they noticed what looked like two pipe bombs.

Ceres police say that fire and explosions started just after 5:30 p.m. outside the American Legion Hall off Lawrence Road.

The bomb squad used a robot to detonate the suspected explosives.

At this point, police still can't confirm if these devices were actually pipe bombs, but say they resembled them.

"They were tubes about 13 inches long, with caps on either end. It was pretty contained in the metal dumpster, which is in a cement enclosure also, but the chance of really damaging anything beyond that would be pretty slim. But, it would depend on device itself. At this point we don't know capabilities of it, don't know how strong it was, can't actually confirm it was a bomb at this point," said Sgt. Patrick Crane of the Ceres Police Department.

Neighbors say the explosions sounded like gunshots. They are glad crews were able to put out the fire and detonate the devices before something worse could have happened.

"That's not right in a neighborhood where there's little kids all through here. That's not cool. Somebody could have gotten hurt," resident Cindy Fee said.

Police still don't know what started the fire; if it was an intentional act or an accident.

It is expected to take a few days for authorities to confirm whether or not the devices were in fact pipe bombs.

Fortunately no one was hurt, but so far Ceres police don't have any suspects.

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