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2 Stockton public pools are making a comeback

State funding to help renovate two Stockton pools
State funding to help renovate two Stockton pools 02:25

STOCKTON - The city of Stockton is making waves after they accepted millions of dollars in state funding to help the city renovate two pools.

At Victory Park, the city pool has been empty and abandoned since 2013, and it's not the only one. Some community members who have seen the pool leave, are happy it's finally coming back. 

"Hope, it's hope," said Brandi Mano. "Because there's not much for kids to do in this area."

Mano was raised right next to Victory Park and remembers the public pool swimmingly.

"Since I lived just across the street, so going to the community pool was a big deal back in the day because there wasn't much for us to do," she said.

In 2013, the pool closed. City officials said it had leaking and mechanical issues that forced the city to shut it down.

"It was one of those foundations where it was sad that it closed," said Mano.

But the city, with help from the state, plans to take the lock off. Banners popped up near the empty pool, that show what the finished project could look like.

"But then once I heard it was opening and I thought, we can go back to the pool?" she said.

"We'll need to rebuild the pool house and there are other amenities that we need as well," said Connie Cochran, the Community Relations Officer with the city of Stockton.

Cochran said public works gathered enough funds through Measure M and state and local dollars to renovate not just the Victory Park pool but McKinley's pool as well. McKinley Park pool closed in 2015 due largely in part to continued vandalism.

This, as part of efforts by the city, will continue to revamp McKinley entirely.

Cochran said these pools are necessary for the community.

"Well we live in the Central Valley where it's really hot and important to have a place to cool off," Cochran said. "Also about neighborhood pools and community pools is they give you a chance to socialize with your neighbors."

While the $9 million price tag for Victory Park's pool alone might seem high to some, people like Mano, can't wait to bring their kids and continue their family tradition.

"So I think it's going to be nice to actually when it's all finished," Mano said. "Opening day I want to be there for sure. Bring my kids."

Public works is hoping to break ground by October, and then have the ribbon cutting just in time for next summer.

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