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100 Elderly Patients Evacuated From Davis Nursing Home After Fire

DAVIS (CBS13) — Dozens of ambulances were brought in to help remove about 100 patients who were forced out of their home after a fire.

Moving all of the patients proved to be a massive undertaking as five hours after the process  started, crews were down to the last four or five patients.

Family members of the patients rushed to the Davis Healthcare Center on Pole Line Road to find out what was going on. Many were worried about their loved ones after a fire broke out at the facility.

"My mother has dementia and she doesn't know what's going on, I'm panicked," said Lisa Eckles.

Firefighters say it appears a branch fell onto a PG&E powerline outside and the interior electrical outlets began filling the building with smoke.

"There was a popping sound, the lights went out, things caught on fire," said witness Dan Forcella.

About 100 elderly patients were evacuated from the facility with a long line of ambulances and buses taking them to other nursing homes in the area.

"They were wondering what was happening and we said don't worry they've got everything under control," Forcella said.

Fire Marshal Tim Annis says none of the elderly residents will be able to return until the power problems are fixed.

"This building is going to have to be looked at by some electricians or electrical professionals to see what caused it before the facility reopens," he said.

Power was expected to be restored sometime within the hour.

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