I'm not really much of a napper. I'd love to be able to do it but, knowing my luck, just as I lay down on my couch, the boss would show up. So I was delighted when I heard that there is now scientific evidence that napping is good for you and even MORE delighted when I saw some studies that show it increases productivity.

It's amazing for Americans to see people snoozing in the office but it's happening more than you might think. I've been to two advertising agencies where they owners encourage the employees to nap and one metal products company. All the bosses say they can tell the difference in the workers who nap and the ones who don't.

Of course history proves that napping can help you get through the day. You'd be surprised at all the world leaders (think Winston Churchill and the like) who napped regularly. That wouldn't impress too many bosses so if you want to convince YOUR boss that napping is good for business, have him or her watch tonight's CBS Evening News and see all the forward thinking, cutting edge companies that think one key to success is sleeping on the job.

  • Richard Schlesinger

    Correspondent, "48 Hours," "CBS Evening News"