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Zuckerberg: Facebook Messages No E-Mail Killer

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Facebook took the stage yesterday in San Francisco to announce its new Facebook Messages that combines e-mail, instant messages and SMS in one simple social inbox.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg touted that his inspiration were high schoolers he encountered who claimed e-mail was just too slow.

"The goal of this product is to make it so we can seamlessly integrate across all these different products very easily... You have one history and you can go through it forever," he said.

Zuckerberg also revealed some staggering numbers: Of the more than 500 million users on Facebook, around 350 million people actively use messages, and more than 4 billion messages are sent every day.

"This is not an e-mail killer," Zuckerberg said of Facebook's next generation messaging. "This is a messaging experience that includes e-mail as one part of it," Zuckerberg said. It's all about making communication simpler. "This is the way that the future should work."

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