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Zorro's Girl Moves On

Is she an insurance investigator, or is she a thief?

That's the question in Catherine Zeta-Jones' new movie Entrapment, reports CBS This Morning Co-Anchor Mark McEwen.

In only her third major American film, the 29-year-old Welsh actress has landed a role opposite Sean Connery, whom she calls "not only a wonderful actor but a great friend of mineÂ… He's just a living legend."

Neither her character nor Connery's are who they appear to be at first. "We hate each other at first," she explains, "and we train together to do a big heist, to be partners. And throughout the film, the barriers of the coarse, tough broad I play get broken down, and he starts to fall in love with this irritating woman that he's been hanging around with for a while."

Zeta-Jones (who can do a pretty good Connery impression) says her co-star affectionately calls her "kid." She adds, "I felt very connected to him, in a way. I come from a very similar background - both Celtic, of course." The actress is from Wales and, as most James Bond aficionados know, Connery is from Scotland.

Even if you only saw the previews for The Mask of Zorro, you are familiar with the fencing scene in which Zeta-Jones is undressed by Antonio Banderas, just with a few flicks of the sword.

"We choreographed it first," the actress recalls. "We had many costumes at different stages of disarrayÂ… It took, like, two days. But [director] Martin Campbell was saying to me at the end of the movie, 'Darling, everything falls off.' I'm, like, 'Martin, people have freeze-frame on their video recorders. You can't do that.' I think the length of my hair saved me embarrassment."

Quips McEwen, "Everybody is running to their freeze-frame as we speak."

Replies Zeta-Jones, "I checked it. You don't see anything."

And, for those who wonder why there is a hyphen in her last name, the actress explains, "My mother is Kathleen Zeta. The family name is Jones. So, when I work, I put a hyphen, to keep my Zeta going."

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