Zoo Has Humans To Breakfast

Early-rising visitors to the San Diego Zoo now can share their breakfast experience with the animals living there.

The zoo has begun a new summer program that introduces guests to the waking patterns of various animals.

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The program debuted Saturday, as zookeepers led school children on their feeding rounds. Children were given the chance to see - and smell - the kinds of foods different animals enjoy.

To kids accustomed to cereal and scrambled eggs, the animals' choices for breakfast may have seemed unusual. For giant tortoises, the first course of the day was yams. For seals, it was fish. To suit the tastes of a variety of other hungry creatures, the zoo prepares 48,000 mealworms every morning.

A family of ducks start the morning.

Zoo officials hope to create a "maximum learning environment," where visitors can use their eyes, ears, and noses to experience how different animals start their day.

But guests don't have stay hungry while they watch the others eat - the zoo has an expresso cart and breakfast café just for humans.