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Glass tourist walkway cracks in China

The glass tourist walkway at Yuntai Mountain in China's Henan province is designed to thrill, with a see-through platform suspended in parts 3,500 feet in the air.

Some tourists got more thrill than they bargained for though, when parts of the walkway cracked Monday.

A spokesperson for the attraction's operators at Yuntai Mountain Geological Park said cracks were found in the glass, and the skywalk has been temporarily closed.

The cracks were described as being caused by a sharp object. The spokesperson told China People's Daily that the cracks happened when someone dropped a stainless steel mug on the walkway.

The bridge, which opened on Sept 20, is made with three layers of glass, and only one layer broke, the spokesperson said.

The Telegraph reports glass walkways have become very popular in China. A 3,000-foot glass suspension bridge across a ravine in Yunnan province opened last month.

glass bridge china
An aerial view shows a glass suspension bridge at the Shiniuzhai National Geo-park in Pinging county, Hunan province, China, September 24, 2015. REUTERS/Stringer
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