Yung Berg: I Didn't Get Beat Up, Please Believe Me!

NEW YORK Yung Berg, famous for the song, "Sexy Can I" with Ray J, denies getting pistol whipped and beaten in Los Angeles, on Twitter and Youtube.

Wednesday morning, TMZ reported that Berg was violently beaten during a house party after four suspects attacked him and others then made away with $10,000 in chase and jewelry. No police report of the incident had Berg's name in it.

In his YouTube video he says, "I'm fine, I'm good. I'm straight. There's nothing wrong with no body. I'm still gorgeous."

He left this message on his Twitter in regards to the rumors: "LMFAO!!!!! YALL R CRAZY!!!! PLEASE BELIEVE HALF OF WHAT U SEE, AND NONE OF WAT U HEAR!!!! : )"

TMZ has reported that a rep for the rapper indicated he wasn't even in California when the crime was allegedly committed. Instead, he was in Las Vegas.

Don't fret, Yung Berg says, "I love ya'll, I'm straight," and he's heading back to the studio to continue with his new album.