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Youth soccer coach charged in 19-year-old homicide

HOUSTON - Police have charged a Texas youth soccer trainer in connection with a 19-year-old homicide case.

Chad Bujano was arrested Thursday and accused of the broad-daylight shooting of 18-year-old Kristian Gaona in 1995 on a Houston street.

Investigators say Gaona was walking with friends when a sport utility vehicle approached. Its occupants harassed Gaona and someone inside the vehicle eventually began shooting.

Bujano was 16 at the time. Police say he was suspected from the start, but fled to Mexico to live with relatives.

A recent review of the cold case file revealed that Bujano had returned to the U.S. under an assumed name.

He was living in Cypress, outside Houston, and had been working as a Texas United Football Club trainer.

Bujano is scheduled to appear in court on Tuesday.