You're Under Arrest, You Get One Phone Call, You Shouldn't Dial 911...

Carly A. Houston (Naperville Police Dept.)
Carly A. Houston (Naperville Police Dept.)

NAPERVILLE, Ill. (CBS)  Carly A. Houston was arrested for allegedly threatening her cab driver and refusing to pay. At the police station, she was offered the traditional phone call. Did Houston call a friend? A family member? Maybe a lawyer to help her out? Not quite.

She dialed 911.

CBS Affiliate WBBM has the transcript:

Operator: "Naperville 911, how may I help you?"

Houston: "Hi. I am in, like, I'm trapped in, like, the Naperville 911. So...."

Operator: "You're trapped where?"

Houston: "In the Naperville 911. So..."

Click. Houston hung up.

Policein Naperville, West of Chicago, told WBBM that Houston was intoxicated when they caught up with her at a gas station. Naperville Police Sgt. Gregg Bell said, "She was being disruptive, unruly, a little combative."

Police say they arrested her, brought her back to lock her up and let her make a few phone calls. That's when she called 911.

"We'd like to get the message across to people that it is not a game when you dial 911," said Bell.

Houston's mother told WBBM that her daughter was terrified and didn't know where she was. She claims her daughter looked for help the only way she knew how, which was calling 911.

Houston had been out celebrating a friend's 30th birthday. Now, she's charged with making a false 911 call among other things.

Five years ago, the woman and her boyfriend went to a Cubs rooftop party, where her intoxicated boyfriend fell off a platform and died. Houston has been struggling with the tough personal situation, and her mother said, "It's not something you get over."