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Your Wired Congress

Whether in search of a new brand of soapbox, or to stay in touch with their constituents, members of Congress have toyed with the Internet with varying levels of enthusiasm over the past few years. The result? More members of Congress have Web sites than ever before. And many are pulling the plug on their email accounts. Who's using it, who's losing it, and how can you contact your representatives? Find out with the links below.

Unequally Wired
Congress likes the bully pulpit of Web page publishing, but when it comes to accepting and responding to email, not all are equally wired. Read what congressional members have to say about their electronic mailbags.

This Wired World
Now that Congress has discovered the Internet, find out why the medium's growth is making it harder to get heard.

Ten Tips For Contacting Congress
Not every email gets equal treatment. Here's how to get yours read.

Written by Sean Wolfe with graphic design by Laura Holder

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