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Your Olympic Game Plan

Participating athletes have had Nagano on their minds for at least four years, but if you're like most folks you haven't got a plan for watching this year's Winter Olympics. It's time. Below, we offer two choices to help you get the most out of the Winter Games.

Virtual Nagano: One option is to unplug the phone and become one with your living room couch for the duration of the event. If you go this route, you can watch exclusive coverage of the Winter Games on CBS television, and will provide everything else (except the pretzels.) We'll show you how to have the complete Nagano experience right at home.

Procrastinator's Travel Guide: If you have deep pockets, a valid passport and major free time, you can still get to Nagano and soak up that Olympic glory in person. Here's everything you need for a last-minute trip to Japan. The whole thing shouldn't run you more than, say, US$400 per day, unless you want your own bathroom.

Written by Curtis Grisham with graphic design by Dana Byerly

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