Your New Facebook Page: A Tour of The Redesign

Want to see how Mark Zuckerberg is changing your Facebook profile page? Here's the first review, courtesy of "60 Minutes Overtime."

A Tour of Facebook's Redesign

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg unveiled his redesign on "60 Minutes" this week. We figured this was of high interest to a great many people (say, 500 million), so we asked our very own Joe Akbrud, the social media wizard at CBS News, to walk us through the changes. Joe takes "60 Minutes Overtime" editor, Ann Silvio, on a tour of what's new and different about the updated Facebook profile page.

Watch part 1 of Lesley Stahl's report.

Watch part 2 of Lesley Stahl's report.

If you're a Facebook super-user like Joe, tell us what you think. Do you like the changes?