Your Life on the Net

Shades of the Truman Show on the web. Real Networks, the folks who have been in the forefront of bringing streaming audio and video to the net are giving you a chance to share 24 hours in your life, with everyone else online. It is a contest called real life, co-sponsored by Intel and 3Com. Real Networks VP Maria CantwellÂ…

"People can submit a three minute video basically telling other Internet consumers why they should be picked to have their lives broadcast on the Internet."

There will be new entries posted every week. The winner will get fifty thousand dollars besides the 24 hours of exposureÂ….

"It will be live?" "Yes." "So, what do you show and what don't you show?" "Well I'm sure there are some complexities that will have to be worked out. In reality, there are people that are already doing this on the web. Jennicam, which is probably one of the more famous sites on the web where she has a camera set up and visits with Internet users on a very frequent basis and there are other examples of people. We had a gentleman in Japan who I think was living by coupon."

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