Your Fitness Personality

New Year's resolutions are now more than two weeks old, and in probably more than a few cases, are long forgotten. For those who vowed to lose weight or get in shape in 2007, the end might have come because you chose a sport or regimen that wasn't quite for you. So how are you supposed to know what is the right fitness routine? Elena Rover is the author of Chelsea Piers Fitness Solution, a book that can help you find just the right thing for you.

First of all, make time to work out, but find an activity you love. It won't feel like work if you're having fun. "People say they have no time, but they do have time," says Rover. "They have time to watch TV, they have time to take up crafts, and hobbies... I think it comes down to fun, down to making that choice... It's about choosing that right thing, the thing you're passionate about."

Even though trying a new sport or recreational activity may be a little scary at first, Rover encourages people to expand their horizons and branch out. "{The book reviews} twenty-seven sports, and we tried to de-mystify what the experience was going to be like, what you're going to need to get started, even what it's going to feel like the first time you go." Chelsea Piers Fitness Solutions covers all types of activities, from traditional sports like baseball and basketball, to less main-stream ones like fencing. There's something for everyone.

"My premise is, 'Get off the treadmill,'" says Rover. "I love treadmills. I walked and typed while I was writing this book, but get out of the gym. There's no reason why exercise has to be the narrow 'Go to the gym, change your clothes, take a class.'"

There may be an activity out there that you will absolutely love, but just haven't tried yet. If you have fun and are passionate about what you're doing, you're more likely to reach your fitness goals. "It's really fun to get out there and try things," says Rover. To take the fitness quiz and find out what your exercise personality is, click here.

By Erin Petrun By Erin Petrun