Young girl's appeal to stop bullying against her will make you cry

(CBS) - While many of the videos posted here at The Feed are of the LOL, FAIL, Winning or other viral video nature, we also do try to find those that are important or relevant to significant issues - this is one of those. In the above video a young girl gives a heart-breaking appeal for bullying against her to stop. WARNING: You may cry.

The video was made in 2009, but is just surfacing and getting attention now.  In the video YouTube user "gingermoody14" explains that she is in a wheelchair and suffers from a variety of issues that have led to other children at her school tormenting her on a daily basis.

She writes: "i'm bully every day almost every week i will come come cry. somtimes i will brake down at school."

I can only hope that things have gotten better for her since the video was first created, and praise her courage and amazingly well-spoken video that has (yes) made this blogger shed some tears in watching it.