Young girl has some sage advice to give her dad

(CBS News) I've heard that as a parent, your focus shifts towards constant worry over the well-being of your children almost every hour of the day. And while I hope to one day experience all the highs and lows of that, and impart some wisdom on to my kids, a young girl has some sage advice of her own to pass on to her father. Watch "the student become the teacher" above.

"Worry about yourself!" (I almost feel like that should become their family motto now.) The endearing moment captured on film was posted by YouTube user Ryan Hunley who writes:

August is not very interested in getting help buckling her car seat.
Well, if it helps at all, August shows a level of independence and maturity that tells me that she's probably going to be just fine in the long run, Ryan. And thank you so much for posting this adorable overload and oddly educational moment online for us to highlight here on The Feed!