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Young Frankenstein Revived

In honor of the 25th anniversary of the black and white Mel Brooks comedy Young Frankenstein, 20th Century Fox has released a special VHS issue of the film, including never-seen-before outtakes and deleted scenes.

Teri Garr, who played the laboratory assistant Inga in the movie, shares her memories of the initial filming with CBS News This Morning.

When Young Frankenstein hit the movie screens, movie lovers were treated to lines such as:

"Would you like a roll in the hay?"

And "Put the candle back!"

"It was just so funny," recalls Garr. "When I made that movie, I was a big fan of Mel Brooks and the 2,000-Year-Old Man records. I was thrilled to be there. I felt like I was paddling as fast as I could to keep up with everybody else."

Young Frankenstein was Garr's first big movie. She was very nervous and especially concerned about cracking up on camera, she says.

"But then you do this defense thing where you think, 'I'm just as good as everyone else.' But even if it's not true, you do that anyway," she adds.

Later she learned that Brooks, co-writer and director, gave her a lot of the movie's dirtiest lines, because she was so innocent.

When Gene Wilder said "Elevate me!" in the lab, she responded, "In the middle of the laboratory?"

The movie isn't dated because the comedy is so classic, Garr says. Tried and true silliness and the Frankenstein story itself are always interesting, no matter how it is treated, she adds.

The movie was made in eight or nine weeks but Garr says, "We could have finished it in seven if we could [have stopped] laughing."

Garr says she always laughs when she sees the scene where two characters throw darts, as one tries to cover up that he has anything wrong. "Every time I see it I see different things that make me laugh," she says.

The whole cast became like a family on set, recalls Garr, adding that she thought every movie set would be as fun and easygoing as that of Young Frankenstein.

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