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Young boy eats his first Atomic Warhead sour candy

(CBS News) I'm sure many of you remember your first time. The multitude of warnings given beforehand. That mixture of curiosity and thrill of danger at the idea. That cartoonish, but also somewhat scary image on the wrapper.  I'm speaking, of course, about your first Atomic Warhead sour candy. And you can relive the experience all over again with the video above.

The very cute, caught-on-tape moment was posted by YouTube user ElDiPablo (with music by Kevin MacLeod) who writes:

Here is my son Brayden eating a piece of Atomic Warhead candy that he got for Halloween. We warned him it was super sour, but he wanted to eat it anyway. Check out this reaction!

An adorable reaction by Brayden and fun video that is perfect for Friday. Thank you so much for sharing it with us and the rest of the world through the magic of the Internet, ElDiPablo!
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