You'll get a sugar rush watching this giant piece of candy made

(CBS) - I don't know about you, but when it comes near the end of the work day I always end up craving something sweet, like chocolate or candy. I'm usually pretty good at resisting, but if this particular sweet were offered up... I might have to at least take a taste. Check it out.

That is one very big piece of candy! The YouTube video was made by Jess Baker (with great music by 8-Bit Ninjas) who writes:

The Toffee Crisp was made in my Bristol kitchen over 2 days, using finest Asda value materials - 4.5kg milk chocolate, 5 bags of toffees, and 2 bags of "puffed rice cereal" (come on Asda, we all know it is Rice Crispies so just put some elves on the packaging already)

A very sweet video that has earned a triple-rainbow salute from us here at The Feed, Jess!  And as a bonus, I'm also including video of a giant Kit Kat Chunky she made below.