You will laugh watching two babies giggle at water being sprayed on them

(CBS) - I swear, videos of babies can be an endless source of adorable amusement. Some months back we showed you a baby laughing hysterically at the sound of paper ripping. Today I present to you two babies laughing hysterically each time water is sprayed on them. 

Totally priceless, am I right?  What's so fascinating is that if someone were to rip paper or spray water on you or I, it wouldn't be very funny at all (I personally might even be a bit peeved at having water sprayed on my face). It's their reaction to these things that makes it so adorable, hilarious and just a total joy to watch.

I'm going to go ahead and say I'm including the baby laughing hysterically at the sound of paper ripping for reference, but in reality, just because it's so darned cute and gives you a double dose of adorable.