You really need to check out "United State of Pop 2012"

(CBS News) One of the best parts about a year winding down are some of the incredible music mashups and mixes that pay tribute to the year in music. And the moment I saw DJ Earworm was behind the video above, I knew immediately that it had to go up. You really need to check this out.

Seriously, just how amazing is that mashup of music! The upbeat, video mix entitled ""United State of Pop 2012" was posted by DJ Earworm just moments ago, and remixes some of the best and biggest songs and music videos from 2012 into something that is just too awesome for words.

A big triple-rainbow salute of musical excellence goes out to DJ Earworm from us here at The Feed for this masterpiece of mixed music that defines the auditory experience of the past year in pop! And to check out more music from DJ Earworm, be sure to visit his YouTube page by clicking here.