You need to watch this visual feast for the eyes

(CBS News) I think I may have something of a problem right now. I seriously can't seem to stop watching and posting about amazing time-lapse videos lately. (Recent examples just yesterday can be found by clicking here and here.) And maybe this is my version of a "cry for help." Or maybe it's not such a terrible problem at all and I'm being overly worried for nothing. The only thing I do know for sure is that the video above is truly epic and you need to watch it immediately!

Masterfully blending together stunning scenes of nature with excellent music by Bear McCreary and Brendan McCreary, "Horizons" was posted on Vimeo by Randy Halverson who writes:

If you have ever been in a wide open landscape the most interesting thing isn't necessarily the landscape itself, but what you see coming over the horizon. Growing up in South Dakota the landscape itself can be beautiful at times, but that doesn't compare to what the sky can do, especially at night. Combine that with the landscape, and it makes for great photo opportunities.
Oh, you're back? Sorry, I got distracted for a moment there. I was a bit too busy booking the next flight to South Dakota after watching this visual feast for the eyes that has without a doubt earned Randy a big triple-rainbow salute of wonder and awe from us here at The Feed! If you'd like to check out more amazing work by Randy Halverson, be sure to visit his website by clicking here.