You Choose, Steve Hartman Reports

Every year the major networks (CBS included) spend millions of dollars trying to figure out what people want to see on TV. Yet, in the end, much of the programming isn't what you would have picked at all.

That's why we're now giving you a direct say in the matter. You and the rest of our viewers will be able to pick some of the stories we air on the CBS Evening News with Bob Schieffer.

You, the viewer, are officially in charge of all the assignments of CBS News correspondent Steve Hartman. You get to tell him where to go and what to do — within reason, of course.

Here's how it works. Every Friday we'll present three story pitches and you get to vote for the story you think sounds most interesting. Whichever story gets the most votes by 2 p.m. Eastern time on Monday is the winner.

Last week viewers decided they wanted Steve Hartman to report on a Soybean-powered car.

This week's story pitches are:

Send Steve to see what's up in Little Bryson, Texas. We hear this place is so parched, so low on water, that school kids have to wash their hands with moist towelettes.

Or, if you're sick of runaway consumerism, he'll meet up with a group of people who've vowed not to buy anything new this year. The exceptions: food, medicine ... and underwear.

Finally, he could introduce you to the inventor of the western shirt, who still goes to work every day ... at 104 years old.

So those are this week's choices. Voting is now closed. We'll let you know tonight where Steve is headed, and then show the actual story at the end of Friday's CBS Evening News with Bob Schieffer.